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Integrated Structures/Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

We maintain a fully automated structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication facility with a 100 ton per day output capacity. Our state-of-the-art Peddinghaus CNC drill line, angle master and plate cutting machines allow us to fast-track jobs in record time.

Once a project is detailed and approved, detailing data is downloaded to our CNC machines for fabrication. In-house supervision of all processes assures efficient turnaround of precision high quality parts.
Our in-house detailing capabilities use state-of-the-art, industry standard software, including AutoCAD, DetailCAD and StruCAD 3D modeling systems.


  • Peddinghaus Fully Automated CNC Equipment:
    • 38-18INC Band Saw
    • BDL 1250 Drill
    • ABC 1000/4C Coping Machine
    • 623M Angle Master
    • FDB 2500 Plasma Oxy Fuel
    • Drill Plate Processing Machine
    • SWP 1200 Structural Beam Positioner
  • Sector Plasma Oxy Fuel CNC Controlled Burning Table
  • Wheelabrator Model TB-3060RC Blast Descaling Machine
  • Ogden Dart IV DC/AC Tandem Arc Welding Machine
  • Ogden Dart 2108 Welder
  • Bridgeport Romi Tormax 20-8 Engine Lathe
  • Bridgeport Series One Standard Milling Machine
  • 230 Ton Cincinnati Brake
  • Century Shear
  • Pacific Press Shear
  • Marvel Band Saw
  • Peddinghaus Ironworker Punch
  • Grove 12 Ton Yard Crane
  • Hyster 4 Ton Forklift
  • Kalmar 15 Ton Forklift
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